AppLock Premium Apk v3.3.2 (Neueste Alle Versionen)

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AppLock-Premium 3.3.2 Apk

Am häufigsten heruntergeladene App-Sperre im Play Store. Schützen Sie die Privatsphäre mit einem Passwort, Muster, Fingerabdrucksperre.

★ #1 App-Sperre vorbei 50 Länder.
★ Over 350 Millionen Nutzer, supports 39 Sprachen.

☞ AppLock can lock Facebook, WhatsApp, Galerie, Bote, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Einstellungen, incoming calls and any app you choose. Prevent unauthorized access and guard privacy. Ensure security.
☞ AppLock can hide pictures and videos. Hidden pictures and videos are vanished from Gallery and only visible in the photo and video vault. Protect private memories easily. No pin, no way.
☞AppLock has random keyboard and invisible pattern lock. No more worry people may peep the pin or pattern. More safe!
☞Applock trusted app for protecting your privacy and apps
★ With AppLock, you will:

This app very secure our privacy like personal images,records,Videos&audios…
Never worry about parents check your Snapchat, Musikalisch!
Never worry about friends borrow your phone to play games with mobile data again!
Never worry about a workmate gets your phone to look the gallery again!
Never worry about someone reads private data in your apps again!
Never worry about kids mess up Settings, send wrong messages, paying games again!

Get your hidden gallery, secret browser, private SNS with AppLock!

1)How to change password?
Open AppLock, Protect, Unlock Settings

2)How to open hidden AppLock?
There are two ways:
1. Enter #password in dial pad, and tap call button.
2. Open in the browser.

3)How to stop uninstalling AppLock?
Please enable Advanced Protection in Protect of AppLock, so nobody can uninstall or kill AppLock without password. You can disable Advanced Protection when you don’t want it.

4)I forgot my password, How to find it?
Update to the latest version first. And then tap AppLock icon, click the icon at top right corner of lock page, tap ‘forgot password’.
1. Security answer: enter security answer, click ‘reset password’.
2. Security email: click ‘send code to security email’, input reset code, click ‘reset password’.

• Lock apps with password, Muster, or fingerprint lock.
• Vault: hide pictures and videos
• Well-designed Themes
• Incognito browser: no history record
• Private SNS: log in multiple accounts
• Intruder Selfie: take photos of invaders.
• Customized background, select a favorite picture
• Customized Profiles: set different locked app groups
• Time Lock: auto-lock/unlock according to time
• Location Lock: auto-lock/unlock according to location
• Hide AppLock icon
• Advanced Protection: prevent AppLock being killed by task killer
• Random keyboard: prevent people peeping pin code
• Force stopped cover
• Lock switch (WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile data, sync)
• AppLock widget: enable/disable AppLock with one tap
• Quick lock switch: Lock/unlock in notification bar
• Lock incoming calls
• Lock system settings to prevent a mess by kids
• Allow a brief exit: no need password, Muster, fingerprint again within set time
• Prevent uninstalling apps
• Low memory usage.
• Power saving mode

AppLock uses the Device Administrator permission.
To enable Advanced Protection, please activate AppLock as “device administrator”. It’s only used for preventing intruders uninstalling AppLock.
AppLock uses Accessibility service.
To enable Power saving mode, please allow Accessibility services. The service is only used to remind users with disabilities to unlock apps, and reduce battery usage.
It consume less storage.i’m happy with this app service. When ever your photos have delete from this app it can me restore.?there no complaints about it security service.strong security service?

Please be assured that AppLock will never use these permissions to access your private data.



New design.
Change the way to open hidden AppLock by dial pad.


App Name : AppLock
Paketnamen : com.domobile.applock
Entwickler: DoMobile Lab
Apk Md5 : 87890a3f456204a733fec5fe984e7749
Apk-Größe :13.65 MB
Update im Play Store :16 September 2020

Anforderungen: 4.4+

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Old versions of AppLock Premium Apk

App Name : AppLock
Paketnamen : com.domobile.applock
Entwickler: DoMobile Lab
Apk Md5 : e47ec827e81ed1a817c801586d0387a0
Apk-Größe :7.73 MB
Update im Play Store :22 Februar 2019
Versionsname & Code: 2.8.7 (2019022501)

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