WhatsApp Plus Red Apk v9.10 {Neueste 2021 Download}

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WhatsApp Red neueste Version: Kopieren und herunterladen (Speichern) Download-Status, Erweiterte Einstellungen (Privatsphäre) Verwandt mit Aussehen ausblenden.

WhatsApp Gold aktualisiert gegen das Verbot, wurde von den Benutzern und Fans von Golden lange erwartet, nachdem das Entwicklungsteam bei der Arbeit an der neuen Version auf viele Probleme gestoßen war, vor allem nach dem vorübergehenden Verbot dieser Kopien wurden diese Version und Erfahrung sehr intensiv und sehr genau auf einige Watts-Nutzer geprüft. Die neue Version beinhaltet alle Features vonWhatsApp undWhatsApp Plus, sowie weitere neue Features, einschließlich des Verbergens geheimer Gespräche, Hochladen eines Videos größer als 30 Sekunden des Falls, gelöschte Nachrichten wiederherstellen, und mehr als 20 zusätzliche erweiterte Funktionen, die zuvor hinzugefügt wurden. The golden genealogy is characterized by the absence of an advertisement T in copying, and there are many features that will be added to whatsapp golden later.

Notiz: If your number is blocked, make a backup of your settings and then delete the application and install the new version


Features Whatsapp plus red

  • Change theprogram format , change theprogram icon and Benachrichtigungen.
  • Send images at high resolution inred Whatsapp.
  • Stop receiving calls zumanyone you want or foreveryone .
  • Show messages of any person in the group separately from themessages of other members.
  • The program sends youan alert if your friend changes his or her personal photo.
  • And manyMerkmale .

The advantages of downloading Whatsapp Red from the development of Abu Arab Download direct link

  • Whats app Red Messenger: When you scan messages you can only delete private messages or just messages from groups or everyone.
  • Update for Store version ofWhatsApp
  • The case automatically is larger than 30 Sekunden
  • Solve the problem of program breakdown when changing font
  • Resolve the disappearance of the program icon when updating.
  • Return the option to prevent hidden conversations from opening when you click whatsapp
  • Allows location sharing in just a single click
  • Selection and sending of messages to multiple contacts is easier
  • Using Quick Reply to attend to messages when you are not available to chat, or replying to a templates question.
  • Ability to revoke multiple messages at once
  • Ability to copy text status of your contacts with ease
  • Removal of the ‘Read More’ tag from long messages, und so viel mehr.
  • You can make a conference call with group members
  • If you select a sent message in the group, you can reply to its sender individually in the private
  • Fix Collapse when trying to search for themes
  • Repair other problems
  • Activate labels You can now download and use theme labels in chats.
  • (Exclusively) Add a link if someone has moderated @ you or replied to your messages in the group.
  • (Exklusiv) will not appear redirected at the other end if you redirect a message.
  • The Call Receiving feature has been developed so that you can turn it off without showing the other party that your phone is ringing and appears to be connected.
  • (Exklusiv) Add Option # 1.2.2 You can easily copy part of any message.
  • You can now pass the message from left to right to reply.
  • Activate the Save Reading Place feature where when you open a previous conversation you stopped at a certain word will appear immediately when you enter the conversation again.
  • Activate the conference call feature.
  • Activate the picture feature inside the picture.
  • Add option 6.8 to set the duration for a notification after pressing deleted messages.
  • Support changing the theme of the stickers section.
  • Fixed the problem of showing hidden conversations through the call screen.
  • Fix the problem of the square image 6.15 Möglichkeit.
  • Fix the problem of finding themes.
  • Other reforms.

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