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Download Android Device Policy APK v7.71.12.K. Android Contrivance Policy avails the IT administrator keep your organization’s data secure. The administrator can set security policies such as screen lock and configure settings such as corporate Wi-Fi. Once enrolled, you can view contrivance details, policies in place, and your current compliance status.

  • Easy enrollment.
  • Access to Google Play management.
  • Visual improvements for enrollment flow and app installations.
  • Access to email and work Resources.

توجه داشته باشید: Your organization must use a device management service in order to use this application. For IT administrators, this is the companion application for the Android Management Experience.

چه خبر

• Additional runtime permission controls
• New assets management options when factory resetting devices
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  • Bomb! با تشکر
  • Perfect for me.

Android Device Policy file information

نام بسته:
نسخه: 7.71.12.ک (77112)
حجم فایل: 3.5 MB
به روز شد: جولای 9, 2018
حداقل نسخه اندروید: اندروید 4.4 (کیت کت, API 19)

دانلود Android Device Policy APK آخرین نسخه

OLDER VERSIONS of Android Device Policy APK

Download Android Device Policy 7.71.11.K APK

نام بسته:
نسخه: 7.71.11.ک (77111)
حجم فایل: 3.5 MB
آپلود شد: ژوئن 29, 2018
حداقل نسخه اندروید: اندروید 4.4 (کیت کت, API 19)

Download Android Device Policy 7.38.18.J APK

نام بسته:
نسخه: 7.38.18.J (73818)
حجم فایل: 3.4 MB
آپلود شد: ممکن است 25, 2018
حداقل نسخه اندروید: اندروید 4.4 (کیت کت, API 19)

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