Cool Q Launcher APK – برای Android™ 10 رابط کاربری لانچر, موضوع

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Cool Q Launcher یک Android™ جالب است 10 سبک لانچر با بسیاری از ویژگی های ارزشمند, تم های جالب, والپیپرهای زیبا; Cool Q Launcher also has many options for you to config your phone as you like.

❤️ Who will get value from Cool Q Launcher?
1. People who has a bit old phones and want to make their phone look NEW and MODERN, just use this Cool Q Android™ 10 پرتاب کننده
2. People who want a more powerful, cool and beautiful launcher than original build-in launcher

? اطلاع:
1. Android™ is a registered trademark of Google, شرکت.
2. Cool Q Launcher is base on Android 10 Launcher code, adding many features, it is created byCool Launcher App team”, it is not an official product of Google, شرکت.

? Cool Q Launcher features:
+ Cool Q Launcher support almost all phones, can be used smoothly in ALL the Android 4.0+ دستگاه ها
+ Cool Q Launcher has many beautiful launcher Themes and Wallpapers in online store
+ Cool Q Launcher support almost all Icon Pack made for third-party launcher
+ Cool Q Launcher support Video Wallpaper, Live Wallpaper, very cool
+ 4 Drawer Style: horizontal, vertical, دسته بندی, or list drawer
+ 9 حرکات: swipe gesture, pinch gesture, two fingers gesture
+ 3 Color Mode: light launcher mode, dark launcher mode, automatic mode
+ پنهان کردن برنامه ها or lock the hidden apps
+ قفل برنامه, protect privacy
+ Round Corner Screen, make your phone like full-screen phone
+ صرفه جویی در باتری, تقویت کننده is included in launcher
+ Unread Notifier shown on launcher desktop icon
+ Many customizations: change icon size, launcher grid size, change font, Dock background option, folder color, folder style option, و غیره
+ Cool Q Launcher support Flash Call, very cool animation effect when call incoming
+ Launcher desktop transition effect
+ T9 search in launcher desktop
+ Support multi dock pages

? Permission required:
1. Location: needed by Weather Widget
2. دوربین: needed by Torch feature
3. Phone/contacts: needed by Flash Call feature

If you like, please rate? Cool Q Launcher, thanks for helping us making Cool Q Launcher better and better for all users!

چه خبر

1. Optimized Lock Desktop feature
2. Optimized cleaner
3. Optimized drawer grid size
4. رفع اشکالات

اطلاعات فایل apk:

نام: Cool Q Launcher for Android™ 10 رابط کاربری لانچر, موضوع


نسخه: 5.1

اندازه: 10.82 MB

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