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Systweak Duplicate Files Fixer is a duplicate file finder and remover app that scans and deletes all types of duplicate files on your Android device. This duplicate media remover app will help you recover loads of storage space on your device so that you can save additional data or install other apps from the Play Store without having to face low storage warnings.

You can either select what types of files to scan or can opt for a Full Scan mode to find and remove duplicate files present on your internal and external storage.

How are duplicate files created?

    ● When you receive a picture/audio/video file(س) and share the same file with another contact via any app. In such cases, multiple copies are created.
    ● When a file is accidentally downloaded twice or thrice from the internet.
    ● When Android backup apps take a backup of your device.
    ● When Android media apps create cached images or thumbnails.
    ● When you receive files on Bluetooth more than once (due to transmission errors)

There are a lot more cases where duplicate files are created and unnecessarily occupy space on your Android device. Don’t worry though, this duplicate cleaner will not only let you remove such files, but will also let you preview them before you go ahead and delete them.

Why you’ll love Duplicate Files Fixer?

● Intuitive UI:The interface is 100% user friendly. With its dual themesClassic & Material, it extends amazing UIs to users. Both the themes vary with their interface. The former is for users who want to keep things simple and plain. If you like to mix things up, then Material Theme is the way to go. This theme is designed with the coolest of aminations and shows categorized results. You can access these themes from the settings of this duplicate file finder app. همچنین, you’ll love the color combinations.

● Super-Fast Scan Engine: Scanning for duplicate files can be done at lightning fast speed. Thanks to the intelligent algorithm used, duplicates can be scanned within seconds!

● Preview Files: Be sure of what you’re deleting by previewing duplicate files before deleting them. Either of the themes of Duplicate Files Fixer provide clear and complete preview of duplicate files. In addition to this, Material Theme labels the duplicates under various categories. And yes, you can see the location of these duplicates within these results.

● Exclude Folders:You can exclude folders of your choice from being scanned for duplicates files.

● Scan any file type:You can scan media files such as Audio, فیلم های, تصاویر & Documents for duplicate files. Scan them by category or all at once, your choice!

● Multi-lingual support: This duplicate file remover app supports 14 languages in total, including German, فرانسوی, Japanese and many more.

● Mark Options: This duplicate cleaner app allows you to mark duplicates via 4 alternatives i.e. ‘Mark All except First’, ‘Mark All except Last’, ‘Unmark All’ & ‘Unmark Shortest File Location’. Now you don’t have to mark the duplicates manually. Just select one of these options and you’re good to go!

1. User can see preview of file before delete it.
2. Improved scan engine which will give faster and more accurate results.

We are constantly striving to provide excellent service by updating our products on a regular basis.

نظرات / نظر کاربران:

  • App is good and works as described but it’s just a little bit slow while deleting. There were 281 MB of duplicate file which took around 15-20 mins to delete and also u have to keep the screen on while it’s deleting or else the progress will pause. Still it’s a handy app for Deleting duplicate files created by WhatsApp
  • Very slow, erratic function and downloaded a bunch of images onto my phone without permission or notification. This is a breach of trust and it just got you deleted.
  • The best one of this type of app that I have found. All others that I used never worked. I wrote the above in April and now 6 months later, it is still flawless. I had tried apps like this in the past but they would lock up, unable to deal with the tens of thousands of images that I have (obsessive meme collector) This one has no problem.
  • Too slow did audio files quick but when doing pictures took an hour to do 3%. Started using my phone but as soon as you do it leaves the app instead of running in the background. It would take days at this rate

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نسخه: (22)
بسته: com.duplicatefilefixer
حجم فایل: 15.34 MB (16,080,923 بایت ها)
حداقل: اندروید 4.0 (بستنی نونی, API 14)
آپلود شد: دسامبر 21, 2018 در 7:24PM

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Duplicate Files Fixer and Remover

بسته: com.duplicatefilefixer
حجم فایل: 15.34MB (16,081,063 بایت ها)
حداقل: اندروید 4.0 (بستنی نونی, API 14)
آپلود شد: دسامبر 19, 2018 در 10:17PM

Duplicate Files Fixer and Remover

نسخه: (20)
بسته: com.duplicatefilefixer
حجم فایل: 15.33 MB (16,078,408 بایت ها)
حداقل: اندروید 4.0 (بستنی نونی, API 14)
آپلود شد: اکتبر 17, 2018 در 10:22PM

Duplicate Files Fixer and Remover

نسخه: (19)
بسته: com.duplicatefilefixer
حجم فایل: 15.33 MB (16,077,124 بایت ها)
حداقل: اندروید 4.0 (بستنی نونی, API 14)
آپلود شد: اکتبر 17, 2018 در 10:27صبح

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