Info Sistem Droid (Info, Alat dan Tolok Ukur) APK v1.4.15

Nilai postingan ini

Info Sistem Droid allows you to get deep knowledge of your device withreal time parameters, test its performance with the includedbenchmark, free up RAM memory, copy the APK of your installed apps, check live info in your desktop with thewidget, share your device stats with your friendsand munch more.

System Info Droid features:

* Benchmark tool. It includes a graphic chart with results of hundreds of devices. Compare your device performance!
* Includes tool for free up RAM.
* Installed Apps section. Copy the apk of your installed apps, uninstall them, etc…
* Detailed device specifications (CPU, Cores, Graphic Chip, WIFI & Mobile Networks, Sound Chip, RAM Memory, Penyimpanan, Screen, Kamera, Temperatures, Battery, Sensors…).
* Share specifications through messaging or social network apps.
* Complete email report.
* Widgets with CPU performance, RAM use and temperature.
* 4 skin colors for the App.
* Real time information.
* And much more…

Apa yang baru

– Solved crash in some devices with sdcard detection problem.
– Solved crash in some Android 9 perangkat.
– Benchmark chart updated.
– Added white theme style.
– Added applications size in the Installed Apps section.
– Solved minor bugs.

Additional Apk information

Nama: Info Sistem Droid (Info, Alat dan Tolok Ukur) Kemasan

Versi: kapan: 1.4.15

Ukuran: 4.63 MB

Dikembangkan oleh: ValenByte

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