TVTap Pro APK v2.2 Najnowsze (Urzędnik) Wersja {2019}

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Jeśli uwielbiasz tę myśl podróżowania z telewizorem w dłoni, ale nadal nie odnowiłeś subskrypcję Netflix lub Amazon, wtedy nie ma potrzeby stracić jeszcze nadzieję. TVTap Pro APK zapewnia fantastyczne przesyłanie strumieniowe możliwości jako najlepsza alternatywa dla telewizji ponad 5000 kanały do wybrać z.

Aplikacje telewizyjne zyskują na popularności z każdym dniem, a co jeszcze większe wrażenie robi fakt, że większość z nich jest bezpłatna. Może to wynikać z niskiej ceny nielimitowanych pakietów internetowych, oraz TVTap Pro nie stanowi wyjątku, aby zapewnić Ci wolność i nieskończoną ilość zabawa.

Dlaczego miałbyś płacić za Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon all at once just to be exposed to a variety of streaming options while claiming they’re much more affordable than cable subscriptions? Did you even know that many individuals enjoy hundreds or even thousands more channels for free that are unavailable on paid streaming applications?

TV apps are be trending and outsourcing cable and dish options. Jednakże, without the right knowledge of free solutions such as TVTap Pro APK, you might find yourself spending the same amount to subscribe for paid services as you would on cable.


What is TVTap Pro APK?

The TVTap Pro APK is an Android application designed by anonymous devs to offer streaming options for over 5000 live IPTV channels. The app is fitted with a broad variety of content uploaded from various TV sources around the globe, making it one of the most favorable third-party streaming options.

The app contains IPTV links gathered from a variety of reliable websites that support live streaming options ensuring you get the best out of what TV entertainment has to offer. Users do not require any paid subscriptions to enjoy the services of the application; neither do they need to create a login account to be able to stream their favorite shows.

Using the TVTap Pro application gives users the ability to watch whatever they want and choose their viewing quality from a broad range of options based on their preferences and internet speed. Due to downtime serves present on many TV streaming applications, some channels offered on these apps fail to run as expected.

Jednakże, with the TVTap Pro APK, you will be guaranteed smooth and successful viewing for any channel of your choice due to many servers supporting each channel. If one server tends to fail, you are left with a variety of other servers to choose from.

Informacje o wersji

NazwaTVTap Pro
Pliki do pobrania10,000,000+
Wymagany5.0 +
Updated onListopad 18, 2019
Rozmiar6 MB

Download TVTap Pro APK for Android

TVTap Pro APK is free for download for only about 6MB worth of your data. With a stable internet connection, one can enjoy many movies, TV series and live TV channels in an HD quality without any interruptions from buffering internet speeds.

The films offered vary from some of the oldest yet top-rated movies the latest releases. Discover a world of entertainment that could only be accessed in the cinemas decades ago and now brought to the palm of your hands. Technology is indeed amazing and especially when it comes free of any costs.

If you intend to take a weekend off to enjoy a marathon of your favorite TV show or series, TVTap Pro provides you with the opportunity to hours of free streaming in 720p, 1080p, and even full HD quality. Experience non-stop viewing for your favorite show around the world, with new episodes updated onto the app after every release.

When it comes to Live TV, the TVTap Pro APK allows you to keep up with every sports channel and watch games live and on air. Catch the latest news updates from various world-wide news channels live and be at the frontline of the newest information free of charge.

The app can also run on your Smart TV, Firestick devices, and even support android TV and Fire TV 4K. Jednakże, it isn’t available on the Google Play Store and therefore requires one to visit our website for their downloads.

Download the official latest version of TVTap Pro APK below:

TvTap APK Download

Pobierz od dołu

NazwaTVTap Pro
Dla AndroidŚciągnij
For FireSticks/Android BoxesŚciągnij
Rozmiar10 MB
Versions2.2 & 2.9
Ostatnio zaktualizowanyListopad 18, 2019

Zrzuty ekranu

tvtap pro screenshot 2


Enjoy the benefits of free entertainment

Enjoy the benefits of free entertainment

Most TV streaming applications may require you to pay for a subscription that is based on your affordable package, which may not contain all the premium features. TVTap Pro gives you free and unlimited access to over 5000 channels without having to pay for any subscription. There isn’t even the need to create a login account to access the various channels, kino, and TV shows.

Access to 5000+ kanały

Access to 5000+ tv channels

There may be many free TV applications in the market, but most of them only offer a small variety of options to choose from, with most of the channels being based on a specific region. TVTap Pro gives its viewers unlimited access to more than 5000 channels from across the globe.

Continuous streaming due to many servers

Continuous streaming due to many servers

Most TV applications only have one server per channel, which makes it irritating for the user during times of server downtime. The channels or films may fail to load or take much time buffering until the user loses interest. TVTap Pro instills multiple servers to each channel so that the user can switch servers in case one of them fails.

Broad support of external video players

Support of external media players

Users get to enjoy free viewing on the media player of their preference, Jak na przykład MX Player Pro (Ściągnij), Android Player, Go Player, VLC, XYZ Player, and many others available in the market. The app is compatible with a limitless number of players ensuring that every user’s preference is catered to.

Live TV variety

Live TV variety

Z więcej niż 5000 channels to chose from, users can also enjoy Live television from many criteria such as sports, Aktualności, and even various popular shows. Don’t miss out on any of the action and use TVTap Pro to avoid having to always read about it in the papers.

Enhanced privacy

Enhanced privacy

Unlike most apps that require unnecessary device permissions such as contacts and your login credentials to create an account, TVTap Pro doesn’t need any permission to function, thus protecting your data.

High-quality viewing

High-quality viewing

Enjoy watching your favorite shows in full HD or other viewing quality options to choose from, ensuring that your experience is worth downloading the app.

Multiple language support

Multiple language support

TVTap Pro comes pre-installed with a unique feature that allows users to select their country of choice and enjoy the designated channels from their regions. The app also supports many languages and genres so that every user from around the globe is accommodated.

Bezpieczny, up to date and legal

Bezpieczny, up to date and legal

The app is continually being updated to ensure all the latest information is accommodated while preventing any bugs or malware that threaten to ambush software. It is also safe and legal to use by any individual around the world.

How to Install TVTap Pro APK on Android Device?

Krok 1. Have you completed downloading to your device storage? Jeśli tak, Go to the storage folder.

Krok 2. Stamtąd, Tap on the TvTap APK file.

Krok 3. Ale już, It might ask you to enable some sort of security option. Allow from this source or allow unknown sources.

Krok 4. Again go the same folder and install the TVTap Pro APK file to your android device.


Krok 5. Once you complete the installation procedure, go to the apps drawer.

Krok 6. Open and allow the storage permissions. That’s all for installation.

How to Install TVTap Pro APK on FireStick and FireTv 4K?

Installation will take some time on FireStick and FireTv 4K devices when compared to the android smart phones. Więc, kindly read steps that are mentioned below.

Krok 1. For firestick devices, we must allow unknown sources option available in the settings. Przejdź do ustawienia.

Settings option can be seen in the device home screen.

install steps 1

Krok 2. Select the option “Device” or “MyFireTv“.

install steps 2

Krok 3. Select Developer Options from the available menu.

install steps 3

Krok 4. Ale już, you can see the Aplikacje z nieznanych źródeł. Wybierz to.

If this option already turned on, then no need to do anything here. Przejdź do Krok 6 directly.

install steps 4

Krok 5. Turn on the unknown sources opcja.

install steps 5

Krok 6. Ale już, we must need to install “Pobieracz” application to sideload APK’s from unknown sources. If you have puffin browser installed on your FireStick, then you don’t have to perform this procedure. (you can directly go the setep 17)

Because of Puffin TV browser supports direct installations.

install steps 6

Krok 7. Go to the Home of the FireStick or FireTv 4K device

Krok 8. Ale już, Search for the “Pobieracz” application there.

install steps 7

Krok 9. Kliknij na zainstalować and wait for while.

install steps 8

Krok 10. otwarty Pobieracz Aplikacja.

install steps 9

Krok 11. Allow storage permissions.

install steps 10

Krok 12. Ale już, Przejdź do ustawienia of the app and enable javascript opcja.

install steps 11

Krok 13. Przejdź do Przeglądarka Option from the Menu.

install steps 12

Krok 14. Enter URL: in the field using the keyboard and hit the Przycisk Idź.

download ola tv apk on firestick

Krok 15. It will download the given APK file to the device storage.

downloading olatv apk on firetv

Krok 16. Once APK file downloaded, the installation window will prompt.

Kliknij na zainstalować button.

install tvtap pro apk on firestick and firetv 4k

Krok 17. Wait for some time and click on the open button.

open tvtap pro app on firestick and firetv

If you want to delete the downloaded file, then click on the Gotowe button. It gives you option to delete the APK file.

Krok 18. Open the TVTap Pro Application from the Your Apps and channels Section.

tvtap available on your apps & kanały
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