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Open source network observation, positioning, and display client from the world’s largest queryable database of wireless networks. Can be used for site-survey, security analysis, and competition with your friends. Collect networks for personal research or upload to https://wigle.net. WiGLE has been collecting and mapping network data since 2001, and currently has over 350m networks. WiGLE is *not* a list of networks you can use.

* Uses GPS to estimate locations of observed networks
* Observations logged to local database to track your networks found
* Upload and compete on the global WiGLE.net leaderboard
* Real-time map of networks found, with overlays from entire WiGLE dataset
* Bezpłatny, open source, bez reklam (pull requestes welcome at https://github.com/wiglenet/wigle-wifi-wardriving )
* Export to CSV files on SD card (comma separated values)
* Export to KML files on SD card (to import into Google Maps/Earth)
* Bluetooth GPS support through mock locations
* Audio and Text-to-Speech alerting andMuteoption to shut off all sound/speech

Current release notes notes: https://github.com/wiglenet/wigle-wifi-wardriving/blob/master/TODO

Feedback and support requests are welcome via email wigle-admin@wigle.net, github, or https://wigle.net/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=13 (registration required).

You can help to improve our language files and translations via pull requests at:
https://github.com/wiglenet/wigle-wifi-wardriving or sending email to wigle-admin@wigle.net

Keep on stumbling!



* 2.40 – 2.42 (02/28/2019)
Server-side network search
Magic (8) Ball Export: https://github.com/wiglenet/m8b
Updated Czech translation: Thanks Czechball!
Menu fragments the “prawo” way
Various bug and UI fixes

Recenzje/Opinie użytkowników:

  • Bluetooth scanning doesn’t work on Huawei Ascend XT² (Android 8) but everything else does. Picked up 300 new networks and 6 new cell towers as of writing, and that’s just today’s catalog!
  • map updates are slow to nonexistent when in motion, even when other apps (mapy Google, Waze, itp) have no issue updating their maps WiGLE will either take 30+seconds to update the map, if it does at all, compared to Google Maps, Waze, etc taking AT MOST 3 seconds to update once a GPS lock has been achieved
  • My pixel 2 XL just updated to Pie and it seems like scanning isn’t working as it should. I start scanning and it saysx networks scanned in 2xxx msa few times but then it starts sayingx networks scanned in 0 ms” czasami 1 lub 2 Ms. And the list doesn’t update. The only way I see updates is to wait a very long time, or lock the phone for 10+ seconds and unlock.


Wersja: 2.42 (242) 
Pakiet: net.wigle.wigleandroid 
Rozmiar pliku: 5.18 MB (5,427,552 bajty)
min: Android 4.0 (Lodowa Kanapka, API 14)
 Załadowany : Marsz 17, 2019 w 10:48JESTEM

Download WiGLE WiFi Wardriving 2.42 APK


Download WiGLE WiFi Wardriving 2.41

Wersja: 2.41 (241) 
Pakiet: net.wigle.wigleandroid 
Rozmiar pliku: 5.19 MB (5,437,826 bajty)
min: Android 4.0 (Lodowa Kanapka, API 14)
Załadowany : Styczeń 28, 2019 w 11:41JESTEM

Download WiGLE WiFi Wardriving 2.39

Wersja: 2.39 (239) 
Pakiet: net.wigle.wigleandroid 
Rozmiar pliku: 4.66 MB (4,883,364 bajty)
min: Android 4.0 (Lodowa Kanapka, API 14)
 Załadowany : Styczeń 4, 2019 w 10:47JESTEM

Download WiGLE WiFi Wardriving 2.38

Wersja: 2.38 (238) 
Pakiet: net.wigle.wigleandroid 
Rozmiar pliku: 4.52 MB (4,744,614 bajty)
min: Android 4.0 (Lodowa Kanapka, API 14)
Załadowany: Listopad 1, 2018 w 11:34JESTEM

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