Arayan Adı Spikeri v1.2.0 APK

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bilinçli kalın! Upgrade to Caller Name Announcer which speaks every thing about

the Incoming Caller name or SMS sent to you immediately!

This Caller Name Announcer is absolutely simple and comprehensive broadcasting

tool that uses built-in Android text-to- speech or Google text-to- speech engine to

announce the incoming caller name, SMS sender name and contents of the SMS!

With this Caller Name Announcer application, you can identify who is calling and

who sent sms text message without looking into your mobile. It just announce the

caller name clearly in between ringtone reducing its volume!

Caller Name Announcer is highly beneficial in situations like when you are busy,

Phone is in pocket or someone sends you an SMS while your smart phone is in other

room. It will speak out the caller name to alert your mind!

Try this Caller Name Announcer which reads out the incoming caller name if exists in

contacts otherwise reads as Unknown, Incoming SMS sender name and SMS

contents or SMS body so that you can easily choose whether reply to it or not!

Utilize the announcement of smart calls & SMS at free of cost by downloading and

installing this Caller Name Announcer!


Olanak vermek / Disable Caller name announcer

Enable or Disable Notifications

Olanak vermek / Disable incoming SMS sender name

Olanak vermek / Disable SMS contents or body

Olanak vermek / Disable announcements for Known contacts

Olanak vermek / Disable announcements for Unknown contacts

Multiple time announcements

Choose Initial delay time between announcements

Turn off / on caller name alert feature if phone is in silent mode.

Turn off / on caller name alert feature if phone is in Vibrate mode.

Turn off caller name alert feature while other phone call is active.

Ek Bilgiler

İsim : Caller Name Announcer
paket : com.simpleapps.callername
Sürüm : 1.2.0
Boyut : 2.47 MB
Yüklemeler : 1,000,000+ İndirilenler
Tarafından geliştirilmiş : App Basic
Google Play-mağaza bağlantısı – Kontrol et

Arayan Adı Spikeri v1.2.0 APK

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