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Wayfair offers a zillion things home. Shop the largest selection of home furniture and décor across all styles and price points. Explore unique and exclusive products, or shop for the best bargain through our daily sales on everything from bedding sets and curtains to desks, pillows, and tables. With the Wayfair app for Android, you can find your next great bargain through app-exclusive sales, and explore the largest online catalog of home furniture and décor—whether you’re searching for something contemporary, antique, rustic, or coastal.

Find exactly what you’re looking for among zillions of high-quality products—whether it’s bedding and rugs for your bedroom, or décor and furniture to spruce up your kitchen, patio, or bedroom.

Shop every style of home furniture for all tastes, including antique, contemporary, traditional, or your own eclectic style

Browse new, limited-time sales that launch daily at 12PM EST to find a great bargain on our high-quality items

Build a wedding registry that works for you and your guests

Enjoy Free Shipping on orders over $49

Save and share your favorite furniture and décor items through Wayfair Idea Boards, where you can store your bathroom remodel ideas, living room concepts, patio plans, favorite beds and bedding sets, ve daha fazlası

Use Augmented Reality (AR) to see life-sized versions of products in any space using ourView in Room 3Dfeature

Find furniture to add style to any room, including your kitchen, bedroom, living room, patio, outdoor space, kid’s room, game room, ve dahası

Explore décor for every style, whether you need chic bedding sets, contemporary pillows, rustic coffee tables, traditional rugs, antique desks, or eclectic chairs

Browse various curated collections to design your dream—be it a modern and contemporary bedroom, a creative and eclectic lounge, or an antique and rustic patio

Shop seamlessly using our app-optimized Checkout

Tackle any ambitious remodel project with ease. Our zillions of options will allow you to remodel bathrooms, kitchens, and beyond (all at the perfect price)

New features roll out every week! Check the “What’s New” section to see our latest and greatest in furniture and décor. From unbelievable deals on beds to incredible discounts on desks, tables, and curtains, there will always be a bargain to excite you.

Don’t have an account with Wayfair.com? Sign up now using the app to access our great features, high-quality products, ve dahası!
Whether you want to remodel an entire house or find that one item that tops off your look, shopping for your home has never been so easy and enjoyable.



Thanks for using the Wayfair app to shop everything home! We regularly bring updates to our app that make shopping easier and more fun than ever. As exciting new features become available, we’ll let you know right in the app.

Kullanıcı İncelemeleri/Görüşleri:

  • This app seemed to work just fine when I first got it but recently it doesn’t load your cart so you can’t make purchases. Üstüne üstlük, half the time it says error when you click on your favorites list so you can’t view your saved items. Very inconvenient.
  • I just received the blue shopping bag on rollers. It is perfect in everyway. Also I have ordered several items from Wayfair and have never been disappointed. They also kept me informed about shipping dates as well as arrival dates. Excellent company.
  • the app doesn’t show my orders when I purchase them, it takes a few days for them to show up, hiç değilse, it hasen’t shown my last three orders. when you go to my orders, click on a order and open it up, if you click on size or color it takes you back to my orders. this is frustrating especially if you’re trying to order additional product. I have found a work around for this issue. when you’re in my saves if you click on anything it makes you go back to the top of the page, very frustrating.

WayfairShop All Things Home 4.102.48 DOSYA BİLGİSİ

Sürüm: 4.102.48 (1226600)
paket: com.wayfair.wayfair
Dosya boyutu: 48.68 MB (51,043,155 bayt)
Minimum: Android 4.1 (Jöle fasulye şekerleme, API 16)
yüklendi: Mart 15, 2019 de 2:28AM

Download WayfairShop All Things Home 4.102.48 APK

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Sürüm: 4.101.50 (1223200)
paket: com.wayfair.wayfair
Dosya boyutu: 48.63 MB (50,990,071 bayt)
Minimum: Android 4.1 (Jöle fasulye şekerleme, API 16)
yüklendi: Mart 8, 2019 de 6:19ÖĞLEDEN SONRA

Download WayfairShop All Things Home 4.100.91

Sürüm: 4.100.91 (1219500)
paket: com.wayfair.wayfair
Dosya boyutu: 48.56 MB (50,916,476 bayt)
Minimum: Android 4.1 (Jöle fasulye şekerleme, API 16)
yüklendi: Mart 3, 2019 de 7:37ÖĞLEDEN SONRA

Download WayfairShop All Things Home 4.98.63

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