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MyFitnessPal gives you access to the biggest food database available with accurate nutrition facts for over 14 million foods. Easily log everything you eat to your food diary for detailed insights about your nutrition. It’s a free calorie counter, macro tracker, and health and fitness tracker in one!

MyFitnessPal is mainly simply helping users track the calories they consume each day through manual reports. It will rely on reports from users such as dishes, drinks, and other nutritional products to provide specific information or calculations related to the number of calories consumed or accumulated in the body. On top of that, it has countless effective weight loss or exercise methods, helping users to reduce calories significantly.

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal – the most simple and easy calorie counter for Android! Largest counters for Android food database of more than 5 million titles and an incredibly fast input of data about nutrition and exercise has already helped more than 40 million people to achieve their goals, and embark on a healthy



The most effective method to burn calories in the body is to exercise with high intensity and sweat as much as possible. Fortunately, the app comes with an extensive exercise library to immerse users in the refreshment and excitement of high-paced exercise. Every content is developed with great detail and care and comes with many specific visual or audio instructions.


Reports are automated information that MyFitnessPal regularly collects from lists or user activities over time. Although the only disadvantage is that the user has to input the information manually, the calculation and comparison of each record are exact, and there is little difference in the index. It helps users be aware of their calories or their efforts to pursue a healthy and perfect body.

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MyFitnessPal has a vibrant user community with more than 200 million members worldwide to support together in achieving a healthy body. That is also a good place for people to share achievements or seek more advice that the system cannot provide. In short, its user community is vigorous, and many topics besides weight loss will also appear here to diversify or enrich things.


There are many ways to lose weight or gain weight by absorbing calories and burning them effectively. Therefore, the application will have a particular category for users to plan effectively by adding content in the corresponding format, such as exercising or consuming nutrients. Depending on each type of activity added to the list, the system will calculate and give the most positive results for the user to start.MyFitnessPal also has many effective and great methods for users to track growth or other body activities comfortably. It also introduces a vibrant and friendly community, where people can freely interact with people to understand more tips on changing the calorie content of the body.

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App NameMyFitnessPal – Calorie Counter
App Size86MB
App Versionv22.18.0

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  • Keep track of the calories change in the body through manual input reports.Helpful guides for every body type to achieve the best performance or desired results.A massive library with various food recipes for the best and appropriate calories intake.Keep track of your activity in various daily activities or water intakes.Join the bustling and friendly communities for more helpful lessons about changing body shape.

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  • Premium subscription unlocked Lifetime subscription

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