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Forge your Epic Team of Heroes!
ال #1 Action RPG Fantasy Game!

Collect Dozens of Heroes, Adventure through Fantastic Worlds & Topple the Darkness that Threatens the Realm!

● Incredible story-based RPG experience
● Switch Heroes on the fly during real-time battles
● Take charge and control the battle or play Auto-mode and employ tactics
● Play through vast unique Realms and HUNDREDS of missions in CAMPAIGN MODE
● Participate in Daily Events, Co-op Raids and Gauntlet Mode.

● Collect Dozens of exclusive heroes, each with their own legendary weapons and special abilities.
● Craft the best combination of Heroes and enter a Realm to battle
● Play with friends and compete world-wide in real-time PvP battles
● Join an Alliance and team up for Co-op Boss Raids and Events
● Win rewards after each final battle, level up your heroes and upgrade your abilities

Play one of the Top Action RPG Fantasy Games for FREE! التحميل الان!


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ما هو الجديد

A new update is here with:

• A brand new Heronium store filled with lots of items!
• Balance changes to help improve your PVP experience!
• Two new characters, Boreal and Rune! (Obtainable in-game shortly)
• اصلاحات الشوائب!

آراء / رأي المستخدم:

  • This game will induce burn-out. In addition to time consuming daily quests, there is at least one tournament event going on and most alliances demand players to play. Can you saydaily grind”? At the heart of the game is PvP. Itscontrols could be must better while auto play AI is mostly flawed. PvP match-ups are typically unbalanced making them difficult to win. Cash players have large advantages.
  • Liars and fraud. They use NPC programs to wear you down to buy gems. when you do earn a few gems theyglitchand if you contact support they saysorry cant help ty ou we have no record of thatif you demand they honor the mistake they suspend yoursupport privileges”. I would not waste my time its 100% designed to cheat you.
  • Fairly decent game,you can progress without spending any money on the game and daily rewards let people be excited to what they get,The devs are really dedicated to their game when you ask questions on their discord,you normally get an answer from the community or Devs.
  • a game that essentially auto plays itself and wants YOUR money for the viewing pleasure. a nice attempt at copying Era of Celestials. GRAPHICS are below average for a game of this type. sorry for the review my commonwealth brothers but it appears to have been made using remote programmers and devs. REPLY# the in play timers limit what you can do within the time limit so you are encouraged to use auto play to advance

Forged Fantasy 1.2 معلومات الملف

إصدار: 1.2 (42243) 


حجم الملف:97.34 ميغا بايت (102,067,584 بايت)

دقيقة: ذكري المظهر 4.4 (كت كات, API 19)

تم الرفع : يمشي 15, 2019 في 2:06صباحا

Download Forged Fantasy 1.2 APK

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Download Forged Fantasy 1.1

إصدار: 1.1 (41603) 
حجم الملف: 95.24 ميغا بايت (99,861,180 بايت)
دقيقة: ذكري المظهر 4.4 (كت كات, API 19)
 تم الرفع: يناير 31, 2019 في 7:44صباحا

Download Forged Fantasy 1.0

إصدار: 1.0 (40963)
حجم الملف: 94.54 ميغا بايت (99,133,524 بايت)
دقيقة: ذكري المظهر 4.4 (كت كات, API 19)
تم الرفع: يناير 15, 2019 في 7:19مساءً

Download Forged Fantasy 0.3.3 بيتا

إصدار: 0.3.3 (2163)
حجم الملف: 99.27 ميغا بايت (104,093,068 بايت)
دقيقة: ذكري المظهر 4.4 (كت كات, API 19)
تم الرفع : ديسمبر 1, 2018 في 12:18مساءً

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