APUS 런처 APK v3.10.61 (566) 다운로드 2023 최신

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More about APUS Launcher

APUS Launcher is a visually colorful application. That offers customization options for applications based on mobile themes. APUS Launcher has many different features. Which are an icon menu and theme-changing application made for android.

Tired of the boring, ugly homescreen?
Your phone is slow and freeze all the time?
Android launcher is too complicated?
The battery drains too faster and overheat?
Wanna get the most trending apps, games and meet people around you?

지금, all problems can be solved with one app!
APUS Launcher provides an all-in-one solution for all your concerns. This top rank Launcher has been a choice of a large number of users around the world. Let’s check out what they say about it.

Best Launcher and exciting wallpapers, themes and more. So beautiful launcher because of her themes, 배경화면.

As one of the best Android launcher on Google Play, APUS can meet all your needs for Android launcher and make your phone faster and powerful. You can customize your launcher home with gorgeous themes and wallpapers (무료로! And we have 30,000 of them), boost phone to make it faster, manage and get apps, games and files, save battery power, and meet people around on Facebook. Making APUS the best launcher on Google Play.

Personalize your Phone with HD Themes, 배경화면, and Icons
• Choose from 30,000 무료, beautiful HD themes, wallpapers to make your launcher home personalized. New themes and wallpapers are released every week.
• Download and share your favorite wallpapers with APUS users worldwide and get likes (Facebook login needed).
• Change app icons to your preferred ones.
• Themes are of all kinds of styles, material design, 스포츠, 일본 만화 영화, 등.

Make your Android Phone Faster, and Power Saving
• APUS Boost: a useful memory boost utility in launcher home. In one tap boost, this smart launcher closes unnecessary apps to release memory (램) and make your phone faster, even with slow processor and low memory space (램).
• Battery Saver: Monitor battery power usage and detect power-draining apps. With one tap boost, this smart launcher makes phone faster and extend battery life by 50%.

Make your Android Launcher Smart, Efficient
• Unread Count: Unread count badge for messages, phone calls, emails, and other apps. Never miss important messages again.
• APUS Search: Get instant results to your searches within seconds. In-app search is available now. Files, 콘택트 렌즈, 영화, 등., enjoy access to everything you have in your phone effortlessly.
• Smart Folder: Smartly sort apps into categories based on functionality. Keep your phone clean and organized.

Best Contextual Service in the World
• APUS Know: One of the only sophisticated contextual information service globally. Pull down the wind chime in launcher home to and get just the information you need at the moment, 예를 들어. 앱, 소식, traffic, 날씨, 등.
• APUS Discovery: Location-based radar system. Find interesting games, apps and videos in the smart launcher. Even better, you can meet people with similar interests nearby now!
• APUS News: Tailored news recommendation and categories. This smart launcher handpicks the latest quality news from best channels.

APUS Launcher is a stylish, 똑똑한, 안전한, and personalized mobile launcher with exhilarating wallpapers, 테마, 그리고 더. So resplendent launcher because of its themes, 배경화면. The application will make an effort to create a realistic and beautiful image by listing menus, viewing and crossing between applications, creating a shortcut on the screen, and presenting the most detailed screen operations in the most visual form to the user. It also includes widget and access options for trending news, clocks, 와이파이 & data button, boost & search shortcut, and calendars on the screen.


Features of APUS Launcher

APUS Boost is a useful memory boost utility. In one tap boost, this smart launcher closes unnecessary apps to release memory (램). Make your phone faster. Monitor battery power usage and detect power-draining apps. With one tap boost, this launcher makes the phone faster and extends battery life. Fast Search, quickly search pictures, 비디오, webs, 콘택트 렌즈, and SMS. Support network search and internal search of mobile phones. Hide apps, swipe up with two fingers on the home screen, choose secret apps, and set passwords for them. Share pictures with other users of APUS Launcher. Some apps like APUS Launcher areGO 런처.

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Notification for Breaking News

Add more excellent themes.
Looking forward to your feedback about the new feature.
Welcome to contact us: [email protected]
APUS Group.

What’s new in this version of APUS Launcher?
  • User experience optimized
  • 버그 수정

APUS Launcher file Information

  • 패키지 이름: com.apusapps.launcher
  • 버전: 3.10.61 (566)
  • 파일 크기: 29.5 메가바이트
  • 업데이트됨: 12월 11, 2021
  • 최소 안드로이드 버전: 기계적 인조 인간 5.0 (사탕 과자, API 21)
  • 화면 DPI: nodpi
  • 건축물: x86_64, x86, armeabi-v7a,arm64-v8a

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무료 직접 다운로드. The original and safe APUS Launcher apk file without any mod.

Older Version of APUS Launcher APK Available:

  • Download APUS Launcher v3.10.58 (563) APK >> 파일 크기: 8.99메가바이트

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    1. To remove APUS launcher from your android device, you need to go to settings and under the device setting select home and some launchers will be presented to you where you can select the default launcher and delete the APUS launcher..


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