Android APK v3.0.38 için Emby (kol-v7a) (Android 5.0+) Android için indir | En son sürüm

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Bringing all of your personal media together into one place has never been easier! Emby unites your personal videos, müzik, and photos and streams them to your devices.

Get the free Emby Server at (required as part of your Emby install).

• Emby automatically converts your media on-the-fly to play on any device.
• Emby organizes your media into an elegant display with artwork, rich metadata and related content.
• Easily share your media with friends and family.
• Rich parental control and management features allow you to easily control access for your entire family.
• Watch Live TV and manage your DVR (with supported TV Tuner)
• Stream your cloud-synced media (with installed cloud sync providers)

This app is free to browse your media collection and cast to other devices. Playback requires either a one-time in-app purchase, or an active Emby Premiere subscription. Other premium features such as sync require an Emby Premiere subscription. Prior to December 2014, this app was owned and sold by another developer. We are doing our best to automatically detect and honor your purchases made during that timeframe. If this does not work for you then please click the Restore Purchase button to open a support ticket with us and we’ll resolve the issue immediately.

All content displayed here is licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. The videos displayed are available on the Open Movie Project, found at



Improve Chromecast reconnection
Fix occasional Chromecast duplicate devices being shown
Huawei video playback fixes

Kullanıcı İncelemeleri/Görüşleri:

  • atest update they coded to not work older versions or custom versions of emby. I guess going closed source also means they no longer care about power users. Üzgün. *update* updated app to see I cannot connect at all now on my custom build. Thanks emby, you are a great example of just what greed does to a good product. Uninstalled.
  • Even after buying the pro Version still ad’s for Emby Premiere are displayed within the app. Everything else works fineBut after paying it should be Ad free. Düzenlemek: You might want to read the actual review before replying.
  • The Emby Android app works well, it provides fast low key access to all media stored on the server, as well as live television. The development team works constantly to evolve the android client software to ensure it continues to function as android develops and releases new software versions.
  • Fairly unusable at the moment. Constantly having issues with a grey or black screen and most of the time have to close and reopen to get DLNA play to working. Feb ’19 updatereducing my S8+ to a slow crawl. What have you done to this once great app?!

Emby for Android 3.0.38 (kol-v7a) (Android 5.0+) DOSYA BİLGİSİ

Sürüm: 3.0.38 (300000383)
Dosya boyutu: 22.47 MB (23,558,703 bayt)
Minimum: Android 5.0 (Lolipop, API 21)
yüklendi : Mart 17, 2019 de 12:57ÖĞLEDEN SONRA

Download Emby for Android 3.0.38 (kol-v7a) (Android 5.0+) APK

Eski versiyonlar

Download Emby for Android 3.0.35 (kol-v7a) (Android 5.0+)

Sürüm: 3.0.35 (300000353)
Dosya boyutu: 22.45 MB (23,542,973 bayt)
Minimum: Android 5.0 (Lolipop, API 21)
yüklendi : Şubat 14, 2019 de 2:05AM

Download Emby for Android 3.0.34 (kol-v7a) (Android 5.0+)

Sürüm: 3.0.34 (300000343)
Dosya boyutu: 22.42 MB (23,507,893 bayt)
Minimum: Android 5.0 (Lolipop, API 21)
yüklendi : Şubat 4, 2019 de 11:33ÖĞLEDEN SONRA

Download Emby for Android 3.0.33 (kol-v7a) (Android 5.0+)

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