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Most of Facebook apps are trying to provide you as many features as possibly forgetting about quality, 稳定, and your privacy by tracking your app usage and earning money on your personal data.

That’s why Maki is a right choice for youwell-designed, 快的 & comfortable for every day using Facebook app that doesn’t track you, have Messenger with audio & video calls included and a lot more features inside.


哦, 你好, Zuck. It was a bad idea to slice one app into two huge apps for messaging and other activity on Facebook. 但别担心 – Maki is fixing that problem, so everyone now can enjoy both Facebook and Messenger in a single app without spending a lot of space on the phone. Because there are a lot more important things to keep on your phone (相片, 视频, 音乐, 游戏) than social apps.


Easily download videos from Facebook and share them anywhere you want.


Want to be a little more anonymous and use more than one page? Maki allows you to do thatfull multi-accounts support for Facebook is built-in.


Maki is also want to save your eyes at nighttimeenable dark mode to easily keep browsing Facebook at night. Or use AMOLED mode on devices with AMOLED screen (例如, 三星) to save even more battery life.


A cherry on the top of the pieno advertising at all from us. Maki is free to use. 但! 🙂 You can buy Maki Plus to unlock some additional features and help us to improve the app in future updates. In this way we keep fighting again app trackers and collecting your personal infowe just not interested in selling our customers that trust our app. 记住 – everything that happens in Maki stays between you and Facebook.


推特, Instagram的, 红迪网, and more socials are built-in as well.

?声音的 & 视频通话
Call your friends on Messenger to see their happy and grateful smiles after your recommendation to install Maki.

Tap and hold external links to quickly preview them.
Set up a passcode lock with fingerprint support to protect your data from not welcomed guests.
Be in touch with this world (and your friends) – Maki allows you to receive notifications from Facebook and Messenger.

Are you ready to join our journey and help us to build the best Facebook app? 免费! Jump in and let’s go!

Don’t forget to share your experience with us and share Maki with your friends. 在这里联系我们: Or using email:

With love, your Sunshine Apps team.

Small update with fixed issues in night themes.



  • 编辑: Still a great concept and beautiful interface. Issues are, 例如, if I’m on Twitter and I view the comments on a tweet, tapping the back button sends me to the top of my feed instead of where the tweet was, same thing with the other social medias. Another issue: I can no longer view Pinterest photos without the app crashing, I have to view them on my browser instead.
  • Keeps saying I’m offline when trying to open Messenger. Contacted the developers and waiting for response. I’ll leave my review at one star until the issue is fixed.
  • bought maki+ but twitter still shows ads. 和 “新的” twitter option to show tweets in chronological order doesn’t stick. closing and opening maki again will set it back to showing top tweets first.

Maki for Facebook and Messenger 3.4.2 Sakura FILE INFORMATION

版本: 3.4.2 Sakura (100) 
包裹: com.sunshine.makilite 
文件大小: 5.78 MB (6,057,905 字节)
敏: 安卓 5.0 (棒糖, 应用程序接口 21)
已上传: 行进 14, 2019 在 10:42下午

Download Maki for Facebook and Messenger 3.4.2 Sakura APK


 Download Maki for Facebook and Messenger 3.4.1 Sakura

版本: 3.4.1 Sakura (99) 
包裹: com.sunshine.makilite 
文件大小: 5.78 MB (6,057,524 字节)
敏: 安卓 5.0 (棒糖, 应用程序接口 21)
已上传: 行进 5, 2019 在 1:34下午

Download Maki for Facebook and Messenger 3.4 Sakura

版本: 3.4 Sakura (96)
包裹: com.sunshine.makilite

文件大小: 5.75 MB (6,028,995 字节)
敏: 安卓 5.0 (棒糖, 应用程序接口 21)
已上传: 二月 26, 2019 在 8:23下午

Download Maki for Facebook and Messenger 3.3.2 Sakura