Download iRoot Apk V3.5.3 & 3.4.9 (100% WORKING 2020)

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Nowadays there are several apps that enable us to perform this method without needing to link our phone to a Windows desktop, and through the fully automated method, as is the situation with iRoot. Who says that it was difficult to root an Android smartphone?

This application enables us to alter the working system configurations and to deepen our smartphone to do stuff as exciting as battery storage and uninstall the bloatware present on our computer, provide backups, or speed up our computer.

Download iRoot 3.4.9 Apk and 3.5.3 Apk For Mobile

Downloading this app’s APK file, which obviously isn’t accessible on Google Play, enables us to root our Android step by step. Just press the enormous button on the screen, wait a few minutes for the instant job, restart the device when requested and see if everything has functioned properly.

But the type of app is also inconvenient, and before you root your machine, we should keep it in mind: we will loose our warranty, the operating system may become volatile or even our computer may stop functioning. Last but not least, you should understand before trying out this request that the developer’s website contains a list of all app-enabled smartphones and tablets (although the list may not be 100 percent up to date).


Download iRoot Android for the smooth rooting process

Like iRoot WindowsPC application, the iRoot android application has been created by the same developer Shenzhen. iRoot Apk for Android or even iRoot for PC, it is one of the best one-click rooting app available for both Android phones & Windows computer to get instant root access.

Looking for an easy way to root your Android smartphone or tablet, then using iRoot Android application is the best choice right now.

About iRoot App

  • iRoot android root tool released by Magyun team, the developers of the vroot one-click-rooting tool.
  • This is a more powerful Android rooting tool with working at the highest success rate among all the rooting tools.
  • Beat limitations and confines to access all around the Android system, flash Custom ROM and Kernels, Remove unnecessary advertisements, Install a myriad of third-party apps plus boost device performances are the key features of iroot-download.
  • There are over 292,000,000 successfully rooted devices have activated at the present day society. iRoot download links are available below (direct links )
  • iRoot Android application offers the simplest way to root your Android device i.e., it will let you root your smartphone or tablet just by a tap on your smartphone screen.

Know the Features iRoot Android App (iroot.apk):

1) Easy Rooting: iRoot Android application lets you to root your Android device by a tap on your smartphone or tablet screen. This is by far the easiest way to root your device.

2) App Recommendations: Once you finish rooting your Android device with iRoot, it offers app recommendations. All these recommended apps if used will improve the performance of your smartphone or tablet.

3) Internet Connection Required: Unlike Kingroot or Framaroot, iRoot requires internet connection to root your Android device. So, after installing the iroot.apk in your device, you will need to enable internet connection before using it for rooting your device.

4) No Data Loss: If you are using iRoot android application for rooting your smartphone or tablet, you won’t have to worry about the loss of data because the rooting procedure involving iRoot.apk isn’t a data loss process.

iRoot download – Rooting System Requirements

  • Operating system should be between Android 2.2 or higher
  • Windows platformed personal computer (For PC users only).
  • A USB cable to connect PC and the smartphone
  • Install the latest device USB driver software.
  • Maintain over 50% of battery level.

Below we have provided all versions of iroot Android app (iroot.apk) which has been released till now.

Device Info:

iRoot also shows your device information, including Brand,  Model, Android Version, Resolution, IMEI, System Storage, RAM and Internal Storage. You can see the Device Info Option, when you Tap on the Menu Icon > Tap to Open.

Download iRoot 3.5.3 Apk For Mobile (Latest Versions)

Download iRoot For Mobile (iRoot.apk):

APK File Name: iRoot 3.4.9.rar
APK File Size: 7.6MB
Android Version Supported: 2.3 or higher
Download iRoot_3.4.9 – Latest Version

APK File Name: iRoot 3.4.5.apk
APK File Size: 12.3 MB
Download iRoot_3.4.5

APK File Name: iRoot 3.2.4.apk
APK File Size: 9 MB
Download iRoot_3.2.4_160914_0955 | mirror

Download iRoot_3.2.3_160728_1703

Download iRoot_3.2.2_160623_1015

Download iRoot_3.1.1_160331_1000

Download iRoot_3.1.0_160323_1000

Download iRoot_3.0.6_160318_1000

Download iRoot_3.0.4_160219_1000

Download iRoot_3.0.3_160202_1000 – 5.5mb

Download iRoot 2.2.6_151020_2075

Download iRoot 2.2.4_150912_1000

Download iRoot 2.2.2_150523_1000

Download iRoot 2.2.0_150430_1000

Download iRoot 2.1.6_150306_1000

Download iRoot 2.1.4_150131_1000

Download iRoot 2.1.0_141231_1000

Download iRoot 2.0.7_141129_1000

Download iRoot_1.0.9_140506_1000

iRoot Apk file Information:

  • Latest App Version: 3.4.9
  • Package:
  • File Size: 12.4 MB
  • Android Version Supported: 2.3 or higher
  • Supported DPIs: nodpi
  • Status: Working

How to Root from iRoot Tutorial:

A-B-C Steps to Get Your Android Devices Rooted

After the full preparation, you are able to root the Android devices in 3 handy steps: Install and launch iRoot -> Enable USB Debugging -> Begin “Root”.

Some Important Points :

Will this iRoot void the warranty of my Android phone?

Yes, so make sure that you prepare yourself,  For most parts, iroot will not brick your device, if something went wrong you can revert back to the previous build. 

Using iRoot application for rooting your android device will void its warranty. So, think well about it before using the iRoot tool.

Looking for a way to root your Android device using iRoot windows application, check out our iRoot Windows application page.

If this Root tool doesn’t work try –> iRoot for PC, SRSRoot, Kingo Root, Root GeniusFramarootTowelroot, 360 Root, KingRoot,

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